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10th Reunion
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Held on September 1, 2000 at the Ocean's Club at Restaurant Row.
The night was young and so were the attendees. It has only been 10 years! The pupus night started the 3-day event and was an open invitation to all alumni. The evening seemed relaxed and electric at the same time. Seeing familiar faces for the first time in ten years, many got "caught up." There was certainly a lot of talking, dancing, and drinking going on that night. A good mix for fun!

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Left to right: Sheri Pak (Lum), Joanne Bautista (Flojo), Suzanne Niitani (Cheong), Valentina Nakamura (Hively), Susan Kwok, Yee Wan Leung-Manlapit (Leung)

Left to right: Yvette Lee, Lorna Baniaga-Lee (Baniaga), Amit Rele, Robert Volberding, Melinda Andres, Arlene Cadelina
Left to right: Janet Ayson, guest, Val Nakamura (Hively), Sheri Pak (Lum), Stephen Yamamoto Cindy Goto (guest) and Jeff Matsuki
Berna Tells (Valdriz) and Madelene Obena (Colimnar) Yvette Lee and Dayna Shultz-Leza (Shultz)
Patrick "Game" Ng, Scott Tanijo, Jerry "Studmuffin" Hiyakumoto, and Blaine (guest) Val Nakamura, Kimberly Chan, and Susan Kwok
Christy MacPherson and husband James Tucker and Songhee Kelly Chin Chad Vincent, Paul Chun, and Jin Pak
Hazel Anzai (Juntilla), Stacy Yano (Uehara), and Yvette Lee Minna Chanboury (Chan) and Nancy Kim
The party was held in the rear of Ocean's Club. Randy Arakaki, Jin Pak, Ivan Lee, Paul Chun, Chad Vincent, Trien Chang, Jason Tagawa, and Sonny Blackburn

** Big Mahalo to Yvette Lee for the contribution of pictures from the pupu night.


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