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10th Reunion
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Held on September 3, 2000 at McKinley High School, English Bldg courtyard.

"Home" and "family," that was the feeling everyone had at the ohana potluck. This was a time to show off the family and to just have a great time. And a wonderful time everyone did have. Especially the kids. And food was not in short supply on this day. At the end, "Make plate and take home," was inevitable.

Anyone remember Mrs. Berglund? Kerry Nishimura sure did. After an exuberant cry of "M-R-S B-U-R-G-L-A-N-D," in the halls of the English building, Mrs. Berglund stepped out of her classroom to see what all the comotion was. Mrs. Berglund said she often times came in on the weekends to get some work done. She wasn't going to get any work done that day. Also seen on the campus was Ms. Wilson, another English teacher. The ohana potluck was a perfect end to the perfect beginning of the class of 1990 reunions! Thank you all for supporting the Mighty Class of 1990!!! Go Tigers!!!

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Attendees trickle in.

Please make a plate when you leave.
Co-chair Richard Lau struts his tiger pride. Bless this food we are about to partake...
Wendy Saidy (Neves) and son Cameron.

front: Tyrone Vegas, Lani Marion (Bidwell), Romulo Veroza, Adriane Silva; back: Kim McAllister, and Kerry Nishimiya.

Racheal Soo (To), Patrick Ng, Derek Honda, Dana Cordial (guest), Desiree Leung, and Stephen Park. Erica Arrendondo (Yano) and kids.
Claire Pimentel enjoys the grinds. Claire Pimentel and Lani Marion (Bidwell).
Brandon and Kyle Marion (Lani's twin sons). Marvin Fernanadez and Tricia Fernandez (Joshua), Catherine Macala, husband, and daughter.
Can we stand on the circle NOW? Search for the 1990 time capsule. Does anyone know where it is? We couldn't find it.
Patrick "Game" Ng.    



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